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Satpura National Park Booking Satpura Jungle Retreat Madhai MP India

Satpura National Park Booking Satpura Jungle Retreat Madhai MP India

Satpura National Park

Satpura National Park is located in the Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh in India. Its name is derived from the Satpura range. It covers an area of 524 km2 (202 sq mi). Satpura National Park, along with the adjoining Bori and Pachmarhi wildlife sanctuaries, provides 1,427 km2 (551 sq mi) of unique central Indian highland ecosystem. It was set up in 1981.

The terrain of the national park is extremely rugged and consists of sandstone peaks, narrow gorges, ravines and dense forests. The altitude ranges from 300 to 1,352 metres (984 to 4,436 ft). It has Dhoopgarh peak as high as 1,350 metres (4,430 ft) and the almost level plains of Churna.

The nearest town to the national park is Pachmarhi and the nearest rail-head is Piparia 55 kilometres (34 mi) away. The state capital Bhopal is 210 kilometres (130 mi) away.

Satpura National Park is very rich in biodiversity. The animals here are leopard, sambar, chital, Indian muntjac, nilgai, four-horned antelope, Chinkara, wild boar, bear, black buck, fox, porcupine, flying squirrel, mouse deer, Indian giant squirrel, etc. There are a variety of birds. Hornbills and peafowl are common birds found here.The flora consists of mainly sal, teak, tendu, Phyllanthus emblica, mahua, bel, bamboo, and grasses and medicinal plants.


Satpura national park is densely forested area in state. Here Sal and Teak species are dominantly visible in the park. Entire forest can be broadly classified into three major types i.e. moist deciduous, dry deciduous and Central Indian sub tropical hill forest. These major forest classifications can be further sub-divided. Moist deciduous forest can be further classified into moist teak forest as moist teak forest, slightly moist teak forest, moist mixed deciduous forest. The dry deciduous forest can be further classified as southern tropical dry teak forest, southern tropical dry teak forest, southern tropical dry mixed deciduous forest. Here in this Biosphere Reserve, we can find 1190 species of angiosperms (Flowering plants) belonging to 127 families and 633 genera. Many angiosperms are yet to be identified. Flora is distributed into 180 families of which 54 are represented by just one genus each and 29 are represented by 2 or 3 genera each. Many of the thallophytes, broyophytes and pteridophytes are found exclusively. The occurrence of releict population of Sal (Shorea robusta) in this region is a unique ecological phenomenon. As the region is full of hilly terrains, gorges where sunlight reaches rarely results into moist loving tiny herbs, algae etc. of high ecological value.

Satpura national park, along with its surrounding buffer-zone area have a much better population of wildlife which are rarely seen in other national parks of state. This forest area is having history of wildlife conservation which is evident from the list of wildlife species currently present and those species which was present in past but not now like Lion, Water Buffaloes, Elephants, Barasingha etc. Here we can find 50 species of mammals, 254 species of birds, 30 species of reptiles, 50 species of butterflies and much more. Attractive birds species includes , Malabar whistling Thrush, Paradise Fly-catcher, Honey Buzzard, Malabar pied Hornbill etc. Presence of various flower species, moist conditions offers ideal conditions for various butterfly species to flourish like Oakleaf, Black Rajah, Great Eggfly, Blue Pancy etc. Here we can find about 14 species of endangered mammals and reptiles. Several species like Indian giant squirrels, Flying squirrels, Rhesus monkeys are endemic to the area.

Satpura Jungle Retreat Madhai MP India


Satpura national park is a popular jungle safari destination. Here tourists have various safari options which attracts many tourists from India and many other countries. Unlike other popular national parks like Bandhavgarh, Kanha national park, Pench national park, here over-crowding problem is less due to which tourists better enjoy their time in jungle. Here safari options includes, jeep-safari, elephant-safari, walking safari, canoe, birding. Presence of huge back-water reserve makes this park more scenic and offers good sighting of reptiles and water activities. All jeep safari begins, after crossing the Denwa river. Presence of river acts like a boundary line to avoid unnecessary human disturbance and makes the region untouched from disturbance.

Satpura Jungle Retreat Madhai MP India

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Alfa Travel Blog Package Itinerary for 4D/3N

 Alfa Travel Blog gives  you readers : 
A Quick Getaway to  Bangkok & Pattaya

Alfa Travel Blog Package Itinerary for  4D/3N

DAY 1 Alfa Travel  Blog Welcome to Pattaya!

On your arrival in Bangkok, a private vehicle will take you to Pattaya, which is approximately 2.5 hours away. Check into your Hotel and take a breather. Head outside to enjoy the white sandy Beach and clear waters, later witness and be part of the famous nightlife of the City.

DAY 2Drive from Pattaya to Bangkok

Wake up to the fresh day in Pattaya. Spend the day as you please. Relax at the Beach, indulge in the mouth-watering food or explore the City in depth. Alfa Travel  Blog suggest you visit the famous Safari World, the Racha tiger zoo or the Ripley?s Believe It Or Not Museum. Later in the day a private vehicle will drive you to Bangkok where you can check into your Hotel.

DAY 3Bangkok

Wake up to the City where the Alfa Travel  Blogs let you meets the east in all its vibrant colours. A few places that you must see in Bangkok are the Grand Palace, Wat Traimit (Golden Buddha) and Wat Paho. Go shopping in the City, don?t forget to bargain, enjoy the vibrant nightlife and taste some of the cuisines the City has on offer. Return to your Hotel for an overnight stay.

DAY 4Departure from Bangkok

Wake up early for your last day in Bangkok. Pack your bags and check out from your Hotel. A private vehicle will take you from your Hotel to the Airportfor your return journey back home.

 Alfa Travel Blog Simply Thailand 4N/5D - Christmas/New Year Special

Day 01

Alfa Travel  Blog  Welcome to the capital of Thailand - Bangkok! Upon arrival at Bangkok Airport, you will be met by our representative who will assist you with the transfer to the Pattaya hotel where you check-in around 1400 hrs.
150Km Southeast of Bangkok, Pattaya is approx 90 mins by road, which is Thailand’s largest resort city. As a beach resort with city status, Pattaya has something for everyone. Most beach resorts rely on their natural surroundings; Pattaya makes an all-out attempt to provide the best of everything- recreation, entertainment, sightseeing and fun.

Day is free to enjoy the optional activities.

Day 02 
Pattaya: Coral Island Tour

Day 03 
Pattaya – Bangkok (90 mins approx): Bangkok Temple & City Tour with Golden & Marble Buddha

Day 04 
Bangkok: Day Free

Day 05 
Depart Bangkok

Alfa Travel Blog  Explore Thailand ( Chiang Mai + Koh Samui )

Day 01                               Arrive Chaing Mai

 Alfa Travel  Blog form a plan which will made your arrival at Chaing Mai – bustling, historic and colourful, Chiang Mai is the focal point of this massive region and is Thailand’s second largest city. There are a number of excellent cookery schools where you can create your own meal under the expert tutelage of your Thai chef. The pace is laid-back, the accoutrements are international and the landscape is picturesque. It is a fine urban specimen with a much-celebrated traditional culture ideal for sightseers, nature buffs and city connoisseurs. On arrival transfer to hotel & check in. Overnight stay at Chaing Mai.

Day 02                        In Chaing Mai (  A Morning with the Monks )
Early today Alfa Travel  Blog plan a drive  for you to the foot hill of Doi Suthep mountain, in time to buy offerings and join the locals during the daily alms giving ceremony. This is a serene Buddhist procession where dozens of monks walk barefoot through the street collecting food and everyday items. Continue up the mountain to Wat Phra That Doi Suthep and climb the 309 steps of the Golden Naga staircase to reach its golden pagodas. Proceed to Wat Umong, built in the 14th century, a heavily forested temple covered by moss and small plants offering a unique yet charming sense of natural decay. After a walk through its mysterious tunnels, you reach the Viharn of the temple to experience your own private blessing ceremony. Later enjoy this lovely day with a delicious bowl of Khao Soy. This famous Northern Thai dish is a combination of coconut cream, crispy noodles and plenty of spice that is sure to delight! Overnight stay at Chiang Mai.

Day 03                                   Full day Chiang Rai & Golden Triangle
This morning drive to Chiang Rai Province, over mountains, through valleys and picturesque landscapes to Mae Sai, the northernmost trading border betAlfa Travel  Blogen Thailand and Myanmar. Mai Sai is a bustling, commercial  mainly used as a drop-off point for people wishing to travel overland to Myanmar. Local lunch is provided. Continue to the Golden Triangle  of Sop Ruak. The Golden Triangle is one of Asia’s two main illicit opium-producing s. It is an  of around 350,000 square kilometers that overlaps the mountains of three countries of mainland South East Asia: Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand. Along with Afghanistan in the Golden Crescent (together with Iran and Pakistan), it has been one of the most important opium-producing s of Asia and of the world since the 1950s. Here, you may get the Chance to meet local hilltribe people who populate the Golden Triangle . You will also visit Chiang Saen, the ancient kingdom opposite of Laos, where you will explore magnificent ancient ruins and temples. Return to Chiang Mai on the same mountainous route. Overnight in Chiang Mai.

 Day 04                                   Fly Chiang Mai – Koh Samui
Today Alfa Travel  Blog transfer  you to Chiang Mai Airportfor Flight to Koh Samui – a cosmopolitan melting pot, attracting budget travellers staying for a month or two in simple beachside bungalows, to the Alfa Travel  Blogalthiest holidaymakers dropping in for a Alfa Travel  Blogekend at one of the many luxury resort or villa on the many white sand beaches of Koh Samui. From the hustle and bustle of ChaAlfa Travel  Blogng Beach to the lively yet relaxed atmosphere of Lamai Beach to the timeless feel of Bophut’s Fisherman’s Village to the tropical beach paradise of Maenam, Koh Samui is unique among Thailand’s islands in maintaining a broad appeal for everyone. This helps to give the distinctive relaxed atmosphere that sets it apart. On arrival transfer to hotel. Overnight stay at Koh Samui.

Day 05                                    At Koh Samui
After Breakfast Take a snorkelling day tour of Koh Tao & Nang Yuan  – Tour Duration: 8h. Night Koh Samui.

Day 06                                    At Koh Samui
Day is free to unwind / independent activities at Koh Samui.

Day 07                                   Koh Samui – Bangkok
Today transfer to Koh Samui Airportfor Flight to Bangkok. Take a Flight from Bangkok for your Onward journey. Tour Concludes !